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When you are ready to fight, let us join hands and work through the journey together.  Our world class physicians and clinical teams will work together to create an integrated and evidenced based treatment plan tailored to your diagnosis and lifestyle.  Our collaborative approach will provide you with the best possible outcome while minimizing your side effects and recovery time.  Most importantly, we are able to provide best in class care right here close to home.


Treatment for Cancers

If you come to us with a diagnosis of cancer, we start by reviewing the testing you have already had done.  In many cases, we will need to order additional tests to determine the stage of your diagnosis.  Once we have confirmed the diagnosis and stage, we will discuss with you the treatment options.  We offer FDA-approved treatments in accordance with the best known standard of care.  We also offer treatments that are currently being studied as part of clinical trials.  We may refer you to other specialists, such as radiation oncologists or surgeons, to help best manage your cancer.  Throughout your treatment, we will monitor and evaluate your progress and continue to discuss with you your goals and preferences, helping you make decisions along the way.

Treatment for Blood Disorders

While some blood disorders are a kind of cancer, we see many patients who have non-cancerous blood disorders and diseases.  The evaluation and treatment of blood disorders varies widely and can range from vitamin supplementation to therapeutic phlebotomy to medication therapy.  For some conditions, no treatment at all is necessary.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are scientific studies designed to add to medical knowledge and help improve the treatment of other patients in the future.  They often involve testing a new medication to determine how effective and safe it is.  Sometimes this allows early access to promising treatments still under development.  Participation in a clinical trial is optional.  If you do not wish to participate in a clinical trial, rest assured that we will treat you based on the best known current standard of care.

We partner with the Renown Cancer Institute and the Saint Mary’s Center for Cancer to offer dozens of trials locally, and new trials are opening on a regular basis.  Additionally, at Cancer Care Specialists we have an entire team dedicated to in house clinical trials and research.  If we do not have a trial appropriate for your situation, we can help look for one somewhere else in the country.

Hospital and Distance Care

We work with all local hospitals if patients require hematologic or oncologic care while hospitalized.  Many of our patients from outlying areas are able to receive some of their care at their local facilities working in close contact with our office, making frequent treatments a little easier.

Laboratory Services


Recognizing that laboratory testing is often an integral component in the treatment program, our team of certified laboratory professionals will work closely with your physician and nurses, providing them with rapid and reliable results. Having direct access to your test results in an efficient manner enables your physician to prescribe or adjust your treatment plan as needed without unnecessary delays, in addition to the convenience provided to you by having your lab test performed during your visit.

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