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Refer a Patient 

Thank you for referring your patient to Cancer Care Specialists. If you do not hear from our office within 7 business days, please reach out at 775-329-0222 option 3. 


Our Patient Care Coordinators (PCC) assist referring providers and streamline our patient care process by acting as the intermediary between physicians, patients, and our office. 

You can refer your patients using either of these methods:

Referral Process: 

  1. Referral is processed: The patient care coordinator will work on obtaining all necessary referral information.

  2. Insurance Verified: The team will verify the patient's insurance. We will seek to obtain authorization but if the insurance plan requires it from the patient or primary care physician's office, we will reach out to inform you of this.

  3. Provider Reviews Medical Records: This ensures that patients are scheduled in a timely manner.

  4. Appointment is Scheduled: Appointment information is gone over with the patient. A reminder call will be done a day prior to your appointment. 

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