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Diagnostic Radiology

PET Scanner

Cancer Care Specialists understand the importance of diagnostic radiology playing a pivotal role in cancer care. Cancer Care Specialists' diagnostic radiology division is one of the many ways we are looking to optimize patient outcomes and enhance our patient's quality of care.  

Personalized Imaging Consultants is equipped with state-of-the-art CT and PET scanners that utilize cutting-edge technology to produce detailed and accurate images, allowing for precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

Our diagnostic radiology division fosters collaboration among different specialties within our healthcare team. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that imaging findings are interpreted in the context of each patient's individual medical history and treatment plan, leading to more informed clinical decisions and personalized care.

By offering comprehensive imaging services within our own facility, we are able to provide seamless continuity of care for our patients. From initial diagnosis through treatment and follow-up, our team is with our patients every step of the way. 

Phone: (775) 325-6184

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