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TeleHealth Visits:


As a leading provider of Oncology and Hematology treatment in Northern Nevada, Cancer Care Specialists strives to provide high quality, precision-based treatment to the communities we serve. Telemedicine allows our providers to connect directly with patients who need specialized care, even if they do not live near our office. With telemedicine, our patients will have access to their advanced clinical care team from the convenience of his/her home.  Telemedicine does not completely eliminate the need for patients to come into the office for certain aspects of treatment and in-person doctor visits.  However, our TeleHealth platform effectively extends the reach of our operation by allowing many evaluations, follow-up visits, and acute care visits to take place remotely.  Telehealth is the way of the future and it vitally important to the community we serve.  Call our office today and inquire if a telehealth visit is right for you. 


Click here for browser/device-specific instructional videos.

Existing Telehealth Visits Only:

If you already have a telehealth appointment please click your doctor below to be routed to that provider's virtual waiting room.

Reddy 1.jpg
Bowman 2.jpg
Cattoni 1.jpg
Ambika 2.jpg

Dr. Reddy

Dr. Bowman

Dr. Cattoni

Dr. Ambika


Dr. Reganti


Darin Olde


Dr. Guerard

Julie 2.jpg

Julie Simeoni

Singh 2.jpg

Dr. Singh


Martha Aiyuk

PhotoRoom_20210607_132551 (1).png

​​Dr. Arekapudi


Vibeth Atienza

Laura 2.jpg

Laura Harsh

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