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Frequently asked Office Related Questions:

Q: What is some useful information for my first appointment?


Q: What needs to be brought to my appointment?

A: We highly recommend the following: 

  • Insurance cards

  • Government Issued ID Card

  • Copayment

  • Authorization from PCP, if your insurance requires it

  • List of current medications (name, dosage, how often you take the medication)

  • Any additional records from a facility that we may not have

Q: Do I have a copay?

A: Each insurance will vary, if you do have a copay, you are responsible to pay for this at the time of service. If you have further questions, please contact your insurance provider.

Q: Do you still have a mask mandate in the office?

A: Masks are optional in our office, if you would like any of the clinical staff to wear a mask while caring for you, please let them know.

Q: How can I get a prescription refilled?

A: If you require a refill, we ask and recommend you contact your pharmacy and allow 48-72 business hours to process. 

Q: What is the No-Show/Cancellation Policy?

A: We ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. We understand that you may encounter an emergency or miss a scheduled appointment. 

Patients may be dismissed from Cancer Care Specialists if:

  • Regularly arrive late to a scheduled appointment

  • Frequently failing to show up for a scheduled appointment

  • Consistently providing less than 24 hours of notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment 

Frequently asked Chemo Related Questions:

Q: What is the FMLA/ADA form process?

A: All forms that need to be filled out by a physician must be dropped off at the front desk. We do not take email/fax submissions. It can take up to 15 business days to complete your request so please drop it off early. For most forms, we require a $20 copay at the time of completion. Please note, your doctor can redirect your forms to another physician that you are seeing if it is not something within their scope of practice.

Q: What should I bring for my treatment?

A: Here are some recommendations on what to bring: 

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Reading material

  • Electronics with headphones (Wi-Fi available)

  • Blanket and/or pillow

  • Snacks/drinks; Lunch (if your treatment is longer than 2 hours)

  • Driver

Q: What are some things I should consider before I start treatment?

A:  Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Eat a balanced meal on the day of your treatment

  • Take regular scheduled medications on the day of treatment, unless the provider/nurse requests that you hold your medication

  • It is recommended to have vaccinations completed at least 2 weeks prior to starting chemotherapy

  • Before having any dental procedures or cleaning, please inform your dentist that you are on chemotherapy

  • Review with your provider if you have high blood sugar and if it is being controlled with medicine

Q: Are there any vitamins or supplements I should be taking?

A: A well-balanced diet and a daily multivitamin should be sufficient. It is not clinically recommended to take high doses of vitamins or minerals as it can be toxic or harmful and are counterproductive to chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Q: What are some other useful suggestions while undergoing chemotherapy?


  • Discuss with your employer

  • Clear your schedule

  • Arrange for assistance with meals and child care

  • Stock up on healthy groceries

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