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We are pleased to announce that we now offer TeleHealth visits to our patients.  With our new TeleHealth Platform, you can see your provider from the convenience of your home via your smartphone.  If you are interested in TeleHealth for your visit, please contact our office.   

If you already have a telehealth appointment

CLICK HERE to connect with your provider.

Here is an introduction video on how the Telehealth:

State-of-the-art therapy

Giving cancer and hematology patients state-of-the-art therapy is one of the cornerstones of care at Cancer Care Specialists.

  • Medical evaluation, examination, diagnosis and treatment

  • Medical Oncology, Hematology

  • Chemotherapy infusion

  • Laboratory services on site

  • Family Resource Center

  • Family Consultation and Teaching Center

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Diagnostic Laboratory Studies

Blood Samples


An important component in the treatment of cancer and other blood disorders is the monitoring of certian blood levels. When laboratory results indicate deficient levels, a person's way of life may be dramatically impacted.


After your treatment therapy begins, laboratory testing will be conducted at regularly scheduled intervals.  Depending on these results your treatment may need to be adjusted to ensure effectiveness, safety, and appropriate levels, at the upper percentile norm for your age.

Letter from our Administrator Regarding COVID 19

We’re closely monitoring the updates around the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Although for the time being our region is moderately affected, we want to act fast and ensure we’re taking all the precautionary measures to avoid any risks.  

Click here to read a letter from our administrator regarding our organization's efforts to combat Covid19 (Corona Virus.

Coronavirus 2019-nCov novel coronavirus

Medically Integrated Dispensing Pharmacy:

For over 40 years, our triple board-certified physicians have provided expert care for Northern Nevada patients with cancer, cancerous blood disorders, and benign blood conditions.  The industry is evolving daily and it is our commitment to bring State of the Art care to the communities we serve.

Today, 35% of oncology drugs in the pipeline are oral and there are many challenges associated with getting these prescriptions to patients in a timely fashion.  At Cancer Care Specialists, we have fixed this problem by developing a Medically Integrated Dispensing Pharmacy.  As a fully licensed physician dispensing pharmacy, we have removed the challenges associated with getting patients medications from pharmacy benefit managers and in most cases at a much lower cost.  Ask your provider for more details on how you can use our dispensing pharmacy.  

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